PIGGYPOP From Avatar UX Review

We know that some of you are eagerly awaiting the sequel to Avatar Ux’s smash hit Pop Slots. It’s coming soon, so get ready for the bonuses from the best online casinos to play this great new feature. The theme of this new slot, as you may have understood, is the anthropomorphic pig.

Eighth opus of the series, PiggyPop offers a new theme, a new gameplay and new features although it is still built on the PopWins mechanism.

There are still some similarities in the latest Pop slots from the publisher. Indeed, the slightly jazzy and shiny look is a far cry from the earlier games that had a more Asian influence like PopRocks.

The PopWins free slot technology is still there, removing winning combinations from the cascading grid, replacing each individual symbol with two new ones, increasing the height of the reels and the number of potential paylines with each connection. If you’ve ever played PopWins, you’ll know that the lines and the means add up pretty quickly and that this mode can create real excitement. At full size, the grid reaches 6 rows high in the base game, offering 93,312 ways to win and 8 rows during the free spins bonus, which means 524,288 ways are active.

If you manage to increase the height of all reels to 6 positions in the base game, the PiggyPop Free Spins bonus is triggered. As with the majority of the previous machines in the series, before the free spins are launched, players have the opportunity to spin the betting wheel. If a player wins the first spin of the wheel, they increase the starting grid of the bonus by 5 lines or 6 lines high.

Importantly, the player starts the bonus game with 3 free spins, and the spin counter is reset with each win. During the bonus free spins, a progressive win multiplier is active. The multiplier starts at x2 and increases by +1 after each Popwin in the grid. The multiplier can increase but not decrease during the free spins.

The multiplier can increase but cannot decrease during the bonus, it will remain during all free spins.

Another interesting detail is that the golden pig is the most important premium symbol, but not the only one. It also appears with a free spins multiplier. The significant value of the multiplier obtained will depend on the number of golden pigs that are visible. For example, if you have 3 golden pigs on your slot grid, it means that the winnings from your golden pig symbol will be multiplied by 3. On the other hand, once all the reels are 8 rows high, which is the maximum, the value of the golden pig multipliers is doubled. So if you get 3 pigs, your winnings will be x6 and not x3.

Like all other recent Popwins machines, feature buy-in options are available. For this bonus buy, 2 solutions are possible here:

  • The purchase of the standard free spins bonus which costs x100 the bet.
  • The second is the MAX Bonus which costs x400 per bet.

Some gamers are probably wondering if Avatar UX and Yggdrasil aren’t taking advantage of the impressive success of the Popwins series, and if they still have original ideas to offer. After successes like BountyPop and CherryPop, our team wondered if continuing would kill the momentum. And obviously not. The more widespread the Popwins game theme, the more successful the games seem to be. Perhaps Avatar UX has understood this concept and is adapting accordingly to appeal to the general public.

PiggyPop is not a must-have online casino slot, but it is fresh, it brings new features and it clearly meets a strong demand from the igaming community. With a very decent winning potential of x10.690 per bet, we can estimate that PiggyPop will delight many gambling users and should pave the way to new machines. All that’s left is to wish all fans of the genre good luck, and hope that you’ll break the piggy bank for this golden pig.