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LILITH’S INFERNO – Avatar UX Casino Slot With RTP- 96.4%

LILITH’S INFERNOLilith’s Inferno™ slot was the first ever game from AvatarUX on the Yggdrasil Masters platform – and it’s quickly became a hot trending video slot. Designed to give players an exciting arcade video slot experience, this game’s brilliant mythical theme delivers great value slot sessions, combined with potent bonuses and payout power. Lilith’s Inferno™ delivers devilishly immersive spinning, set across a deluxe five reel and 25 payline slotscape. See why Lilith’s Inferno™ has the hallmark of an iconic slot for your casino lobby.







POPROCKS – Avatarux Casino Slot With RTP – 96.8%

PoprocksPopRocks™ slot was the original game in the PopWins™ series, and the first release from AvatarUX on the Yggdrasil Masters platform. Its iconic style, fuses a retro electro vibe, with cutting-edge graphics and smoothness, so it’s no surprise that PopRocks™ is set the become a classic among online slot players. See why PopRocks™ has the credentials to become a star in your casino lounge.







TIKIPOP – Avatarux Casino Slot With RTP – 96.1%

TIKIPOPTikiPop™ slot became the fifth game in the PopWins™  slot series, in February 2021, following the successful releases of PopRocks™, WildPops™, CherryPop™ and BountyPop™, during AvatarUX’s 2020 launch year. Built on the Yggdrasil Masters platform, TikiPop™ takes players on a mysterious adventure, through the jungle of Mexico, where the power of PopWins™ can see wins soars as high as €1,600,000 for lucky high rollers! TikiPop™ is another hit in the PopWins™ slot portfolio.







PAPAYAPOP – Avatarux Casino Slot With RTP – 96%

PAPAYAPOPThe  PopWins™ series is set to become a whole lot jazzier – thanks to the PapayaPop™ slot released globally on 6th September 2021. Joining the existing line-up in the portfolio (PopRocks™, WildPops™, CherryPop™, BountyPop™, TikiPop™ HippoPop™), PapayaPop™ takes players into a glitzy realm, inspired by the elegant Art Deco era, of the swinging 1920’s! Stunning sound and visuals, blend with glamorous bonus features, creating a high-end slot that echoes the style of the casino lounges of Paris, during its heyday. The combination of the famous PopWins™ mechanic, Unlimited Free Spins and Gamble Wheel, makes PapayaPop™ one of the most exciting games we’ve created at AvatarUX. With glamorous wins up to x10542 (€1,054,200) for the luckiest spinners, PapayaPop™ is ready to become one of the hottest trending games of the year.





HIPPOPOP – Avatarux Casino Slot With RTP – 96.1%

HIPPOPOPAfter its release on the 31st May 2021, HippoPop™ will become the sixth game in the PopWins™ series. Joining PopRocks™, WildPops™, CherryPop™, BountyPop™ and TikiPop™, HippoPop™ is infused with a fun arcade slot adventure and psychedelic visions from the Hippo realms. Like all AvatarUX games HippoPop™  features the popular PopWins™ mechanics  – creating the potential for expanding paylines and wins that roar as high as x48150 (€1926000) for lucky big spinners!







PIGGYPOP – Avatarux Casinos Slot With RTP – 95.5%

PIGGYPOPAvatarUX fans will be looking to raid the piggy bank, with the release of the eighth game in the famous PopWins™ series – PiggyPop™ slot! Released globally November 2021, this fun game joins the existing line-up in the portfolio (PopRocks™, WildPops™, CherryPop™, BountyPop™, TikiPop™ HippoPop™ and PapayaPop™), spinning players into the plush world of the world’s most glamorous and greedy casino pigs. Arcade sound and visuals, have been fused with powerful bonus features, including the iconic PopWins™ mechanic, Unlimited Free Spins and Gamble Wheel – creating winning potential up to x10690 for the luckiest piggy bank raiders!






WILDPOPS – Avatarux Casinos Slot With RTP – 96.8%

WildPops™ slot was the second game in the AvatarUX PopWins™ series, following-on from the success of the original, PopRocks™. Once again built on the Yggdrasil Masters platform, this game’s oriental theme has a lucky vibe that showcases the powerful PopWins™ feature, with a dazzling display of arcade slot excellence.  See why WildPops™ slot has the mass market appeal to become a favourite with players from across the planet.







CHERRYPOP – Avatarux Online Casinos With RTP – 96.2%

CHERRYPOPThanks to a retro fruit machine style, CherryPop™ has that mass-market appeal. CherryPop™ is expected to gain traction among existing lovers of the series, along with new players from the wider pool of casino players. CherryPop’s Super Features, pull in the players! CherryPop™ has the winning style of an 80’s style video slot, with a neon coloured 5 x 3 slotscape that can expand into a world of opportunities. See why CherryPop™ is is becoming a cult classic among seasoned slot players.







BOUNTYPOP – Avatarux Online Casinos With RTP – 96%

BOUNTYPOPBountyPop™ slot is the 4th slot from the PopWins™ series. Offering a spooky pirate theme that recreates the feeling of a classic video slot spinner in an arcade, the game’s energetic style and bright graphics, makes it’s a winner for anyone looking for that feel-good factor. Let players walk the plank with one of the best trending feature slots, released in 2020.






LOLLIPOP – Avatarux Online Casino Slot With RTP – 96.3%